What?! Geekme, that's the riddle thing, or? Well far from it, Geekme is more than you might think! Here we would like to introduce our numerous Apps. Maybe sometimes not the most usefull, but always fascinating - "Yes, we love to create new!"


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  • App Escape Zombies

    Escape Zombies


    Zombies! Run as far as you can and don't look back ...

  • App Ninja Wall Run

    Ninja Wall Run


    Help the Ninja running as far as you can

  • App Zombie Tower

    Zombie Tower


    Ein kleiner Zombie, zwei kleine Zombies, drei kleine Zombies… Staple die Zombies so hoch du nur kannst

  • App Zombies vs Basketball

    Zombies vs Basketball


    Shoot through thirty amazing basketball challenges and take care of the Zombies crossing your road

  • App Ninja Hell Run

    Ninja Hell Run


    Ninja Run! Help the running Ninja escape from hell

  • App Meoww



    Meowwww! Stoke the brown cat from left to right and the black cat from right to left

  • App Spider Cats

    Spider Cats


    Spider Cat! Spider Cat! Does whatever a spider cat does!

  • App Drunken Bird

    Drunken Bird


    Don't drink and fly little bird!

  • App Jumping Bear

    Jumping Bear


    Jump jump little bear! Up to the stars and further!

  • App Captain Shleep

    Captain Shleep


    Help Captain Shleep to stay awake

  • App Free Text Message

    Free Text Message


    Send FREE Text Messages! (Free SMS)

  • App Donut Runs

    Donut Runs


    Running the candy cane as long as you can!

  • App Wood Ninja

    Wood Ninja


    Makes a tree falling in the forest, even a noise if no one hears it?

  • App Swimming Cat

    Swimming Cat


    Help the cat to find their way. Meoooooooowwwwww!

  • App Fallin Stars

    Fallin Stars


    Help the world to stay safe from falling stars!

  • App Fox Hop

    Fox Hop


    Hop Hop Hop little Fox! Up to the stars and and even further ...

  • App Geek and Win

    Geek and Win


    Solve the hardest riddles in the world and win great prices. It's free!

  • App Funny Call

    Funny Call


    Funny Calls with great features like Text-to-Speech, change voice, add sound effects, group and conference calls and many more

  • App Record Call

    Record Call


    With this call recorder you can save any call you place. Record your calls to keep backups of all your conversations.

  • App Phone Reachable

    Phone Reachable


    Check, anonym, if a recipients phone number is reachable. Just enter the recipients number and get the status.

  • App Yes, I did it

    Yes, I did it


    The worlds easiest TO-DO List - YIDI App. Manage your daily repeating tasks and never forget if you did it!

  • App PDF Generator

    PDF Generator


    Just enter a web url, some text or any HTML Code and there you go! All generated PDFs are saved offline in the app.

  • App Image Toolkit

    Image Toolkit

    Photo and Video

    Our Image Toolkit App is a great tool which allows you in many ways to edit your picture perfectly.

  • App Photo Albums

    Photo Albums

    Photo and Video

    Organize and protect your photos easily. You get many useful functions to manage your images.

  • App Image Convertr

    Image Convertr

    Photo and Video

    Change the format of your images. Our "Convertr" App offers you many useful functions to adjust the format of the image.

  • App Spelling



    You don't know how to spell a word or a sentence? Our spellchecker App can help you in a quick way.

  • App HackMigo



    Beat the hardest riddles in the world! Stay here on HackMigo and meet a world full of exciting, challenging and worth knowing riddles and puzzles!

  • App Prepper Me

    Prepper Me

    Social Networks

    Will you survive the apocalypse? Join the prepperme community and be prepared in all situations.

  • App Sonube



    Free Video Manager App for your favorite streaming sites: Youtube, Vimeo &Dailymotion

  • App Earth of Hearts

    Earth of Hearts

    Social Networks

    "Earth of Hearts" App is a unique dating app. No matter where you are, whether in Munich, Venice, Saigon or even New York City, just look for your perfect dating partner.

  • App Quotes Quiz

    Quotes Quiz


    Quiz through 200.000+ Quotes! You think you have read all quotes on earth? Proof it and quiz through thousands of quotes.

  • App SEO Butler

    SEO Butler


    Search engine optimization goes easy with our SEO Butler App. Just select a report and enter a domain or keyword. SEO Butler will show you all relevant data from rank over CPC till trends. We also included!

  • App Wireless Finder

    Wireless Finder


    The mobile net finder App checks LIVE in which network provider a mobile number is registered. A must-have for all of you, who use a cellphone or text-message flat for only one wireless network.

  • App Social Bash

    Social Bash

    Social Networks

    Get daily the best quotes and bashes from your social networks like Facebook and Twitter!

  • App Timed Text

    Timed Text


    Timed Text allows you to send delayed real text messages (SMS). A good way to plan your outgoing texts or use as a simple reminder.

  • App Domain Check

    Domain Check


    Simple app for getting whois information about web sites using real whois servers

  • App Cheats



    Get over 250.000 Cheats in your pocket.

  • App Flash Text

    Flash Text

    Photo and Video

    Flash Text+ allows you (in most cases) to send full screen real text messages (SMS). A good way to have amazing fun with your contacts.

  • App MP4 to MP3

    MP4 to MP3


    App convert any MP4 video to MP3. Just select a video from your gallery and it get's converted to MP3.

  • App Sayings



    Browse the best Sayings by Tags like Funny, Love, WTF, Brainy, Life and many more! Präsentiert von

  • App Count



    Count App - simply count words, characters, signs and letters.

  • App List Racket Coverings

    List Racket Coverings


    Here you can find the valid and current approved table tennis racket coverings by ITTF. Check easily if the coverings of your opponent are allowed. Just enter the name in the search field and check if it's a valid one. (LARC)

  • App Secure Text Message

    Secure Text Message


    App for sending secret messages, easy and anonym.

  • App Image Resizr

    Image Resizr

    Photo and Video

    Change the sizes of your images easily. Our "Resizr" offers you many useful functions to adjust the size of the image.

  • App Quotes & Claims

    Quotes & Claims


    Browse +200.000 Popular QUOTES by Author, Topic, Profession and Nationality. Favorite authors such as Einstein, Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare, and +15.000 more

  • App Image to PDF

    Image to PDF

    Photo and Video

    "Image to PDF" App is very usefull. Convert your images from your mobile phone into a PDF file.

  • App PDF Creator

    PDF Creator


    With the PDF Creator App you can simply create your own PDF

  • App ApoVZ



    Find all pharmaceies in Germany and get many informations about the City Passau. ApoVZ App

  • App Passau geht App

    Passau geht App

    Social Networks

    The App for Passau. Chat with people from the region

  • App TTR Rechner

    TTR Rechner


    The TTR calculator app determines your tabletennis rating (TTR). Relevant is the TTR for players of all participating table tennis associations in Germany.

  • App Supermexx



    Bored? The Supermexx App gives you or your friends a task to master. You are able to add funny tasks, also. Just click on "Create one" and send it to Supermexx.

  • App Search Movie

    Search Movie


    Search Movie App. We offer you a fast way to look for this particular movie.

  • App Search Song

    Search Song


    Search Song App. We offer you a fast way to look for this particular song.

  • App Facebook Bash

    Facebook Bash

    Social Networks

    With this App you get all saysings from facebook Bash. Updated daily by our large community.

  • App Days of Puzzle

    Days of Puzzle


    There will be one new puzzle every day. You can try to solve this puzzle on your own, or you communicate with other user in our chat.

  • App Mitfahrer suchen

    Mitfahrer suchen


    We are revolutionizing the carpool! Simple, free and not even a registration is required.